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unique color lehenga

Blue Lehenga For Indian Weddings Never Goes Out Of Fashion

If you want to try something that is off the beat and not ordinary and conventional as the red and the maroon lehenga,  opt for Blue lehenga. This is the trendiest color this season and blue is never outdated. Blue is the color of peace. It doesn’t matter if it is in print or embroidery,blue helps you stand out in every way.  In summertime, when its too hot, color blue appears comfortable and soothing for the eyes.

Brides Who Rocked Their Wedding in a Saree

Sarees are easy to pull off on any body type and gives an extravagant and graceful panache when draped properly. To make your life a little bit easier and to put a standstill on your quest for the perfect idea of a glamorous saree look, I have laid down few of the latest Brides who have dazzled in their glamorous attire.

The Kamaal Jaimala

The Jaimala is one of those ceremonies that we look forward to attending, the most. From the cheeky banter between the two families to the stolen glances of love, jaimala is essentially what sets the ball rolling for all the other rituals. With the wedding season just round the corner, Wedamor brings to you the trending jaimala design tips and ideas for your special day.

Makeup Essentials

Makeup Essentials: 7 must have makeup for every Bridal Kit

Makeup has always been close to all women’s heart since their childhood. But bridal makeup is something that you don’t want to mess-up with! Which bride don’t want to look stunning and beautiful on her big day? But some of them end up buying those makeup products that are damn expensive and not so even useful. So here we are about to give an idea of  Makeup Essentials that every bride must carry with her.

Trends for Weddings of 2020

If you are looking for something that is unique, yet fancy for your wedding festivals then you should definitely check these major trends. You can opt for these and set your own Instagram goals. When it comes to planning a wedding event, we all need something that is different, fancy and more fun.

Stunning Outfit Options For Roka

Stunning Outfit Options For Roka in 2020

Roka is the most important part of our Indian Wedding culture. Soon enough you are going to be a “Wife”! You are about to seal a permanent deal all of a sudden and you don’t have much time to pick the most Stunning Outfit Options For Roka. Well, don’t worry, we got your back!

Pins for night before the Big-Day

Got the prior night wedding nerves? We don’t accuse you. Day or night before wedding anxiety is not all that bad. Channel all that vitality into finishing these 21 activities the night prior to your wedding and you’ll give yourself true serenity and a decent establishment for the enormous day itself!