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What to Wear & Where. Get a Fashion Advice for Every Occasion

Best Sangeet Night songs to groove on!

Bollywood and weddings go hand in hand. It is not surprising since Bollywood and Indian marriages share some similar patterns- Larger than life, Dramatic and Sentimental to say how it has influenced the weddings in real life. All thanks to some of the great Indian filmmakers like Karan Johar, Sooraj Barjatya, Aditya Chopra and Sanjay … read more

Types of Wedding Traditions All Around the World

A wedding ceremony is what brings two people close and together. It joins two families as one big happy family. Regardless of their cultures, traditions, religions, and customs, two people learn to embrace their love. Weddings are all over the world and due to the cultures; traditions and customs there are various kinds of weddings … read more

A Bridal Guide For Using Pinterest For Wedding Planning

Pinterest is an American social media web and mobile application company. It is a software designed for saving and discovery of information using images and, on a smaller scale, GIFs and videos.   Image Source By saving images and creating boards, here is how Pinterest can be used for wedding planning- the brides guide. Take … read more

Five Do’s and Dont’s for Brides On Their Wedding Day

Everything is planned according to the wedding list that you created, in case you missed out on our post for the Ultimate Wedding Planning Checklist, here it is . However, even after a lot of planning and deciding things can get a bit haywire on that day. A lot of mixed emotions are going on … read more

5 Wedding Themes To Choose From

When you’re planning your wedding, deciding the wedding theme becomes an important factor. A wedding theme should be more than mere looks or trends. It reflects the true personality of the couple. Hence, whatever you decide should be effective enough to pull every wedding element, including every tiny detail, effortlessly. In order to decide on … read more

Importance of Wedding Albums and Memories

Lavish, colorful, special and memorable are the words that come to our mind when we talk about weddings. Weddings have always been a special opportunity to get-together; meet everyone whom you haven’t met for long. It is the perfect time for the whole family to have a close, gaming and gossip session over delicious food … read more

Wedding Sarees : 6 yards of Indian tradition

Passed on over generations, these pieces of magnificent fabrics have a special place in the celebration of coming together of two souls and their families. From every curve to corner in the map of the India, the fabric, weaving, style and drape of a saree varies. Below we lay out the perfect options for you … read more

Groom Accessory Checklist

The Ultimate Groom Accessory Checklist You Need

So, here is a groom accessory checklist that you might want to keep with you while getting ready. These are such things that would make you look perfect on your special day.

Things to Know About Marriage Registration in India

India is a land of customs and traditions, and marriage is regarded as the most sacred institution. A series of proper rituals, customs and ceremonies are performed, not only on the day of marriage, but also before and after. But apart from all these, there is a kind of marriage that does not require any … read more

Coolest DIY ideas for your Wedding Décor

The D-day seems to be coming near, yet nothing seems to have finalised. The caterer hasn’t decided upon the menu, the location is yet to give its approval or your sherwani isn’t ready. Well, we may not be able to help you with these things but we sure can give you awesome ideas to pump up your decor to an a la grande level.

What say?

Here are some of the coolest ideas to make your wedding decor eye-catching.